A tactical and soulful dive into discovering your brand story, your brand voice & HOW to bring that into your copy, your website and customer experience.

Everyone touts the importance of finding your voice, and bringing your true self to your brand -- that it’s THE most effective way to attract and connect with your ideal customer.

And it’s true.

But there's a problem.

It can be hard to understand what that actually means -- to YOU.

In pursuit of that meaning -- you spend a TON of time futzing with your website, brand and messaging, ever shifting, never confident that you're getting it right.

Frustrated, the storm of second guesses swoop in...


The vexing part is...
If you're confused, so is your ideal customer.

Brand Confusion = Click (AWAY) -- AND -- Click (AWAY) = Lost Money

If you want to grow a financially thriving business online, you simply can't afford to have a confused brand. Period.

It's time to end the torrent of second guesses.

Imagine having unwavering confidence that your brand is ON POINT.

Yep, that means handing out your website URL knowing it's got your back.

Imagine your ideal customer letting out an involuntary GASP! when they land on your site, because it's undoubtedly (and unexpectedly) clear, that you GET them. That somehow you're doing/solving the exact thing they're looking for (and need).

Which means there's NO question whatsoever in their mind who you are, and what your business offers -- making the decision to interact with you + your brand, effortless.

How would it feel to replace your brand confusion with such warrior like conviction?

I’ve been in the design + branding industry for years, but always within design firms + start-ups. It wasn’t till I launched my own solopreneur business that I truly understood the gut-wrenching second guesses that plague you when building a business online amidst millions of other voices vying for your ideal customers attention.

It can be downright tormenting.

That’s when I lined up my why with who I want to serve and found my unparalleled service…helping daring solopreneurs–like you–build an unforgettable brand, by helping you discover what makes you stand out, owning it + acting on it with conviction.

Conviction is kryptonite to confusion.

Let's eliminate brand confusion from your repertoire of second guesses, shall we?

Get ready for a soulful + technical

In this training you'll focus on: you, your website, brand, and customer experience -- so that your brand foundation becomes unwavering. There will be no more confusion for you -- or your customer -- on who you are, and what you offer.


First things first. We need to uncover + unleash your undeniable spark. The unequivocal you. The one with glorious opinions and viewpoints like no other. Infusing that into your website/brand/message is not only how you stand out among the masses… it’s how you build up a stockpile of conviction.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • Why it’s imperative to know your why if you want to compete in the online world + how to discover it
  • Why bringing your viewpoint + voice to your brand is paramount in standing out amidst the noise
  • How to discover + define your viewpoint


For a brand to stand out, it needs to be a brand on purpose–with every detail thoughtfully decided upon and consistent across all platforms. We dive into A LOT here -- by the end of the week you'll know what you need to do, to brand like a PRO.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • What a brand (and branding) is (and isn’t!)
  • How to discover your true brand style
  • What all the fuss is about regarding your brand story + why YOU need to take it seriously


This week we’ll take a look at your website. Armed with your why, brand story + a machete, you’ll hack and re-sculpt your site so that when your people find you, they won’t click away.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to bridge the gap between the vision of your brand + business that's IN YOUR HEAD to what people see when they come to your site
  • How to turn your site into the 24/7 sales force it’s meant to be (you wouldn’t want to cheat your websites purpose in life, right?!?)
  • How to align your business + website goals, so you can eliminate the dead weight on your site once and for all

MODULE FOUR :: Customer EXPERIENCE[/highlight]

We’re inundated daily with thousands of messages. Some thoughtfully done, most not.

This is an area within the online business world that is mostly overlooked. Without a doubt, you will stand out from your competitors if you take the time to thoughtfully design your customers experience.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • Why paying attention to how your customers feel + providing an amazing experience will set you apart from most of the online business builders out there
  • Tips + strategies on web usability (making sure the experience people have as they navigate your site is a positive one!)
  • How to craft a customized customer experience based on you, your business vision and the type of people you serve
A stand out brand is deliberate, consistent and delights.

It makes you FEEL, smile & wonder.

When done at the highest level, it’s nothing short of magical (for you & your ideal customer).

In The CATAPULT Sessions you’ll learn how to create a magnetic brand that attracts your perfect fit people.



Copywriting Masterclass

How to make your ideal customer feel 100% positive that
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Nikki Groom, CEO + founder of The F Factor is the copywriter of choice for extraordinary women entrepreneurs. Get ready to be floored by her brilliance (and fall in love with her accent).


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