How to captivate, connect & convert your PERFECT FIT people by creating a brand aligned, Signature Opt-In

We all know list building is key,

and that having an OPT-IN that converts
is critical to your growth.

But as a service driven, soulful Solopreneur,
it’s not JUST about the numbers is it?


It’s about getting --your perfect-fit-- people on your list.

The ones you MOST want to work, serve & play with
those gorgeous souls that MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you.


Imagine feeling 100% confident that your opt-in
was attracting & converting those exquisite people.

And better yet…

they weren’t just opting in
they were STAYING on your list.



By having an OPT-IN that’s completely aligned with YOU, your brand + your business offerings.


When you BOP your OPT-IN
you’re giving your ideal customer the opportunity to experience what you offer in a way that helps them immediately AND provides the perfect introduction to all the other ways you can be of service (creating a magnetic + compelling 'big picture' brand story on where YOU and your biz, fit into their lives).

What you'll learn...


How to create your brand aligned signature opt-in that that attracts & converts your ideal clients, providing the foundation to grow your perfect-fit tribe.


What to do after they opt-in.
How to nurture and deepen the relationship so that when the time is right, they're a YES! to your paid offerings.


what your multiple opt-in strategy will be
what type of autoresponder series to use with each of your opt-ins
what platform & delivery methods to use
how to go from free to paid offerings (without feeling pushy)

...and so much more

As a result...


The next opt-in you create will give your ideal customer what they need, allowing them to take action immediately — so they can experience a much needed breakthrough on the problem they’re having right then.


They will then go on to experience your expertise through your newsletters, and other content rich free offerings that continue to add massive value to their lives (acting as both the 2nd, 3rd, + 4th chapter of your “page-turning” brand story — and the perfect prologue to your offerings).


With immense gratitude — they’ll feel that finding you was a serendipitous gift from the universe, because it’s TOTALLY clear that you are the one they’ve been looking for!

And they'll want more.


Most courses just skim the surface and say something like “make an opt-in that your ideal customers would love” which just leaves you circling thinking… “ok…. so WHAT is it?”

Hélène has you do the work from the inside out – from your WHY out to your HOW — it all lines up and makes so much sense.

I highly recommend this training — it will end the confusion, second guessing, and chasing of your tail when it comes to creating an opt-in that is enormously powerful for your readers and also congruent and logical for your brand.

~ Amy Humphries of Change Academy

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Hélène Scott

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